Thursday, December 01, 2005

v3n4: The Sheriff Takes a Holiday

TwoGun Gonzales holstered his guns after picking his nose over the soup.

Moments before, Jake had burst through the saloon doors. "Sheriff, ya gotta help me! Them Bugeye Brothers is in town 'n they're gonna kill me!"

"Not now," said TwoGun. "Ah'm on holiday, boy."

"But Sheriff! They said they're gonna kill me!"

"Ah said, ah ain't workin' today!"

"But ... Sher-r-r-riff!"

TwoGun drew a bead on Jake's forehead and shot him right between the eyes.

"Wha'd ya go 'n do that fer?" asked Nell. "What crime'd ol' Jake commit?"

Picking up his soup spoon, TwoGun looked down disgustedly at Jake ..."Disturbin' the peace."

— Ender

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