Wednesday, November 30, 2005

v3n3: Snake Soup

TwoGun Gonzales holstered his guns after picking his nose over the soup.

Will Masserby lay dead on the floor of the saloon.

"I think ya killed 'im," said Nell. "He ain't movin' no more."

"Good," said TwoGun. "Now, I'm gonna go kill me a varmint cook."

"What fer?" asked Ironfoot Joe. "He ain't much of a cook, but he's all we got."

TwoGun looked down at poor Will Masserby. "When I want rattlesnake soup, I'xpect the snake ta be killt first! Look at that poor fella ... rattlerjumpin' outta my soup like that plum scared him right to death."

— Ender

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