Tuesday, November 29, 2005

v3n1: Brotherly Love

TwoGun Gonzales holstered his guns after picking his nose over the soup.

"Mommmm!" Eddie hollered. "He's doin' it again!"

"Brian," said Mom, "stop teasing your brother."

"Name's Gonzales, ma'am ... but you kin call me TwoGun."

"O.K., 'TwoGun.' Stop teasing your brother."

"He got boogers in my soup," Eddie continued.

"Whaa ... ah'll whup you eff'n you don't clam up, pahdnuh. Skin you 'live 'n leave you fer the buzzurds ta pick yore bones."

"Mommmm!" Eddie hollered again.

"O.K.," said Mom. "TwoGun ... go to your room ... MARCH, mister!"

TwoGun drew twin pearl-handled revolvers from his holster. "You'll never take me 'live, sheriff!"

— Ender

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