Thursday, November 17, 2005

v1n5: Rats with Hats

There were rats in the souffle again. Rats with hats ... in little overcoats ... with tiny, black, sensible shoes.

I asked their business.

Six whiskered heads popped through the golden crust, bouncing to strange rat music:

We're rats with hats,
we don't like cats.
We'd love to stay around and chat;
but we do not have time for that.
We're rats with hats,
we gotta scat.
Excuse our shoes,
we gotta cruise —
there really is no time to lose,
there's big things happ'nin' in the news.
We must refuse
your interviews.

"Hmmmmmm ... " I thought. "I should've beaten the egg whites longer."

— Ender

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