Thursday, November 17, 2005

About Wild Willy's Microstories

O.K., here's the deal: You send me a single sentence of any sort — as "straight" or as wacked out as you want — and I have to come up with FIVE unique "microstories," of no more than 100 words each, leading off with that sentence. I get to pick what lead to use each week but will credit the source with each issue.

Post your suggestions here or e-mail them to If I survive a year of this, I'll try to find a publisher for the collection and, if successful, will give credit in the published version — and a free copy of the book — to all contributors whose leads are/were used. Royalties (am I dreamin' or what?!) will be donated to a children's education-related charity of some sort, to be named later (I'm open to suggestion).

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